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Struggling to quit? I know what it's like - I smoked 60 a day at one time. Part of the reason it's so difficult to stop smoking is that everyone tells you it's going to be difficult to stop smoking!

Everyone tells you that you are hooked - addicted, and that you will have a terrible time while you try to break out of the addiction. You will have cold sweats, mood swings, depression and all sorts of horrible things.

They are wrong.

Nicotine is NOT addictive. Both US and UK scientists have researched this thoroughly and found almost no addictive effect in nicotine.  Smoking is nothing more than a habit. A powerful habit, but a habit nonetheless.

A habit that you formed when you were young and which you and everyone around you have been reinforcing every day ever since. THAT'S why it's difficult to give up.

What you need is something which can cut through the habit and your 'friends'; go right to the place in your mind where habits are stored and jealously guarded, and change that bad habit into a good one.

Modern Hypnotherapy combined with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) can help you stop smoking in just one session. Or listen to this CD a few times for the same effect but MUCH cheaper!

Recorded by a qualified Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, using the latest methods to ensure an easy, effective treatment with almost no effort on your part.

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CD Online price: 25.95 
R.R.P. 29.95
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  • The CD uses a subliminal message embedded in the background music, and several 'tricks', that would not be possible in a one to one session, to deeply embed the desire to stop smoking in your subconscious. This is enough to completely overcome any tendency to slip back into your old habit.

  • If you REALLY want to stop, Hypnotherapy can give you the will-power. Latest methods are achieving 85% to 95% success rates (Patches; 14%, Gum 8%) and suggestions have been added to prevent weight gain and irritability.

  • If you smoke 20 a day of an average priced brand, you are spending around 200 per month! You are actually paying good money to ruin your own health, make your breath, hair and clothes smell bad ... and buying yourself a nasty cough and an early coffin fitting.

  • If you asked me or any competent hypnotherapist to treat you in a one-on-one session, we'd charge between 150 and 2,500 or possibly more if you go to Harley Street, while the CD is yours for only a fraction of that price. Isn't it time that you saved your money, improved your health and prolonged your life?

  • There can't be a better investment - you break even in 4 or 5 days and then save 200 per month for the rest of your life.

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CD Online price: 25.95 
R.R.P. 29.95
 or MP3 Download Price: 9.95


Do you still believe that you are addicted to nicotine? Trust me, nicotine is NOT addictive. It's a habit. Hypnotherapy is THE most successful method of combating bad habits. It does not involve drugs or surgery. It has virtually no side effects.

Perhaps you think you can't be hypnotised? Possibly. To be a good hypnotic subject, you need an IQ greater than 80, an ability to concentrate for a couple of minutes, a bit of imagination and a desire for the proposed outcome.

If you have ever been watching a TV show and not heard when someone in the room with you spoke to you; then you have already been in trance. If you have ever driven a route that you know well, and found that you can't remember most of the journey when you get there; then you have already been in trance. It is very unlikely that you will be unable to be helped by this CD, especially after listening to it several times.

Why wait - This CD can stop you smoking and change your life - and it's in stock, wrapped, ready to post to you. Order before midday and it will be posted the same day and be with you next working day. (Weekends and bank holidays; posted next working day.)

NO craving. NO irritability.
NO weight gain.


Available as CD in library Case with explanatory leaflet or as MP3 Download
Online price: 25.95        
R.R.P. 29.95
MP3 Download: 9.95



Recorded by; Andy Canning, Dip.C.Hyp.,
M.N.I.P.C.H., M.N.A.P.C.H., M.S.S.S.I.

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist
Consultant Member Sure Stop Smoking Institute
HMI Hypnotherapy Foundations