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  • Relaxation Therapy (running time 16 minutes)

The listener is taken gently into a trance state and, in their imagination, to a serene enchanted valley to which they can return at any time they need. The deep relaxation has to be experienced to be believed. Being able to return at will - without needing to go into trance - is a great stress reliever in itself.

Specially chosen music and sound effects enhance the whole experience. Listen to this CD a couple of times a week to reduce stress levels.

Available as CD in library Case with explanatory insert.
Online price: 12.95             R.R.P:  15.95


Self help hypnotic CDs to help with Stress, Relaxation, Driving Test, Bullying, Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Combat Fear of Flying

Andy Canning, Dip.C.Hyp.,
M.N.I.P.C.H., M.N.A.P.C.H., M.S.S.S.I.

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist

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