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Need to stop smoking
AND lose weight?



Can't manage to stick to that diet? Constantly snacking - or 'comfort eating'? Get back on track with this session. Specially chosen music with subliminal weight loss message enhances the whole experience.

Modern Hypnotherapy combined with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), can help you to eat more healthily, and stick to that sensible diet.

If YOU really want to lose weight, Hypnotherapy can give you the will-power. Latest methods are achieving 85% to 95% success rates.

Eat Sensibly is designed to help you to stick to your chosen diet. It will go direct to the subconscious and change the way your inner person feels about food. The only difference you will notice is that you'll feel full before you have finished a meal and you won't be interested in snacks between meals.


  • Eat Sensibly (running time: 14 minutes 50 seconds)

Available as CD in library Case with explanatory insert.
Online price: 12.95    R.R.P:  15.95



Tried all the diets and still can't lose it - or it just comes right back as soon as you stop?

My new Dietless Diet will help. Diets don't work because of the way Evolution has programmed us. It allows for times when food is plentiful, and for when it's not, by laying up any excess food as fat when there is plenty to eat - and burning that fat for energy when times are hard. So when you diet, the body assumes there is a famine and burns fat. As soon as you stop dieting, it says "Goody - food available again!" and starts piling on the fat ready for the next famine.

This Weight Loss Therapy CD will help you by reprogramming your mind to see less food as normal, so bypassing the famine/plenty cycle.

Includes a subliminal message overlaid on the background music to increase the effectiveness of the program.

  • Weight Loss Therapy (running time: 32 minutes 10 seconds)

Available as CD in library case with explanatory insert.
Online Price: 25.95    R.R.P: 29.95

Andy Canning, Dip.C.Hyp.,
M.N.I.P.C.H., M.N.A.P.C.H., M.S.S.S.I.

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist
Consultant Member Sure Stop Smoking Institute
HMI Hypnotherapy Foundations