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For those smokers who are also overweight ... and those overweight people who also smoke; The following Bundles are available at heavily discounted prices:

  • Stop Smoking + Eat Sensibly  (combined online price, bought separately;  38.90) Online Bundle Price just 32   R.R.P; 35.95


  • Stop Smoking + Lose Weight (combined online price bought separately;  51.90) Online Bundle Price just 42  R.R.P; 45.95




Andy Canning, Dip.C.Hyp.,
M.N.I.P.C.H., M.N.A.P.C.H., M.S.S.S.I.

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist

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 Self help hypnotic CDs to help with Stress, Relaxation, Driving Test, Bullying, Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Gain Self esteem and Confidence