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  • Beat the Bully (running time 14min, 20 sec)

If your child is being bullied at school, this session will give them the courage to stand up to the bully and to discuss the problem with an adult at the school. Suitable for ages 8 years to mid teens.

Bullies are cowards. They will only continue to bully so long as their victim allows them to. This CD will give your child the courage and self-confidence both to stand up to the bully and to report them to an appropriate adult at their school.

Available as CD in library Case with explanatory insert.
Online price: 12.95               R.R.P:  15.95


Andy Canning, Dip.C.Hyp.,
M.N.I.P.C.H., M.N.A.P.C.H., M.S.S.S.I.

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist

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